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We provide helpful, professional, cost effective, reliable I.T services, & have over 10 years experience. We offer computer sales, computer maintenance, desktop pc & laptop repairs, custom built systems, software development, I.T security, network or server installation & setup. Please don't hesitate to contact us for a no obligation quote.

Hardware, custom built, workstations, laptops etc
Network, server and communication solutions
Installation and setup of IT workstations, computers, servers, networks, and communication solutions.
Maintenance, support, computer & laptop repair
IT consultancy, data backup & disaster recovery
Software development, applications, databases etc
IT security, evaluations, management, etc
We sell peripherals, components and software
Quality services at competitive prices
Friendly, approachable, helpful services
IT tuition and training

Information Technology Solutions

2coves offer network, server and communication solutions. You can purchase the hardware and software to create your perfect office. Installation, setup services and technical support is included in the price. We offer customer information and technical information on the best products. Hardware and software compatibility is also available. We offer IT support and management solutions so you get the best system and setup.


Home IT support and business IT support and management is also available. Our staff can fix and troubleshoot most computer and system faults both software and hardware.


Contact 2coves to find out more.
- Telephone: 01726 69692
- Online Contact Form: Contact
- E-Mail:

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Hardware, custom built systems, workstations and laptops are sold at 2coves. Product information is also available so you get the best buys and quality. A range of case sizes and styles are available for you to choose so you get the extras, style, and case size you want.


2coves sell gaming hardware, gaming screens, games systems, laptops and custom built games systems. We provide the very best games systems to get the ultimate gaming experience.



IT Support


- Management
- Security
- Support


- Backup monitoring
- Windows update
- Critical events
- Hardware failure etc..
- Disk space

Site Visits

- Disk clean up
- Full virus scans
- Support Issues
- Minor Issues
- Personal Settings

Free System Health Checks
Get yourself a business IT health check FREE OF CHARGE! Our local IT Experts will provide you with a report and help suggest improvements.

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