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Useful Computer Services

Computer Repair
2coves can fix most home computer related faults or problems (software or hardware). We can repair most systems on site but, some repairs can be time consuming and may need to be collected to be repaired at the 2coves workshop. The service price for repairing a computer or laptop starts from £15. This does not include replacement of hardware components if they are needed. We will provide you with a quote before we start work, so you can consider your options. We will not charge you for unsolved problems and there are no callout fees, or monthly subscriptions.

Computer Repair & Maintenance Services
Free collection and delivery service available or customers can call in to deliver and collect items. Repair prices start from £15. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation quote. Contact 2coves to find out more about services & products.

Laptop and desktop repair
Computer, IT Security
Network & server problems
Router, modem problems
Virus, spy-ware removal
Internet connection problems
System clean-up
System crash problems
System recovery
System reinstall
Hardware diagnostics
Hardware repairs
Software / hardware compatibility problems
Printers & peripheral connection problems
Internet problems
Data backup from crashed systems
IT problems and Troubleshooting

Advanced IT Health Check
We can scan you system to improve the speed, check for any software bugs and issues. Viruses, malware, driver bugs, operating system bugs, and improperly installed software updates can cause hang-ups, crashes and general performance issues. We can perform intensive scans, servicing checks and fixes to bring your system back to peak performance.

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IT Support


- Management
- Security
- Support


- Backup monitoring
- Windows update
- Critical events
- Hardware failure etc..
- Disk space

Site Visits

- Disk clean up
- Full virus scans
- Support Issues
- Minor Issues
- Personal Settings

Free System Health Checks
Get yourself a business IT health check FREE OF CHARGE! Our local IT Experts will provide you with a report and help suggest improvements.

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