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Mobile Working

Recently there has been a massive increase in mobile working for a number of reasons. Improved technologies provide more affordable ways for employees to work in ways that best suit them, and in turn provide a higher return for their employers. It can also help the planet by reducing expensive fuel consumption.

There are many ways the mobile worker can interact with the office whilst working from home or other locations. 2coves can provide advice and solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes to maximise the potential of mobile working.

Push Email

Push email systems are now commonplace. One of the first devices to offer this service was the Blackberry from RIM, however most mobile device manufacturers now support push email.

Push email has a real-time capability to “push” email through to the client as soon as it arrives at the mail server, rather than requiring the client collect mail manually. With a push email smart-phone, the client’s mailbox is constantly updated with new emails without user intervention. Smart-phones or tablet PCs announce new mail arrival with an alert.

2coves can provide various server based solutions to integrate this push mail as shown below:

• Blackberry Internet Services (BIS)
• Microsoft Exchange Server with Active Sync
• gMail provided by Google

Choices of smart-phones that work with push email are now affordable and readily available from all mobile operators. It is however essential that you make sure you have a data plan in place so you can utilise the email services at a affordable price.

• Blackberry
• Apple iPhone
• Windows Mobile 7 & Windows Mobile

Remote Access

Depending on your office infrastructure 2coves can provide and support a wide range of solutions:

• Remote Desktop Services (RDP & Terminal Services)
• Remote Web Workplace (Windows Small Business Server)
• Virtual Private Networks (VPN) including Site-to-Site
• Distributed File Service Replication (DFS-R)
• Web Based Applications
• Cloud Based Services & SaaS

IT Support


- Management
- Security
- Remote working
- Support


- Backup monitoring
- Windows update
- Critical events
- Hardware failure etc..
- Disk space

Site Visits

- Disk clean up
- Full virus scans
- Support Issues
- Minor Issues
- Personal Settings

Free System Health Checks
Get yourself a business IT health check FREE OF CHARGE! Our local IT Experts will provide you with a report and help suggest improvements.

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