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IT Tuition and Training

Keeping a skilled understanding of the latest technology including both software and hardware is important for maximising productivity. With the fast paced world of IT, new software and hardware are constantly being introduced. People may want to gain new knowledge and skills for their home PC or high level advanced skills for an organisation’s IT infrastructure. Whatever you wish to gain more skills on we can provide training, tuition, support and mentoring for a variety of software and hardware. Fast track your knowledge, skills and experience with tuition from our qualified IT instructors, at a pace that suits you. Call 01726 69692 for more information & a no obligation quote. Prices start from £20.

Advanced Training for Software Design & Programming

Operating Systems
Tutorials are available on how to use Windows and Linux. Learn the basics of how to use and navigate the operating systems. Also learn more advanced techniques  Get excellent knowledge of how to use these environments competently.

Get tuition on the applications such as MS Office and other popular applications across Windows and Linux. Improve your work skills and complete tasks faster.

Programming Languages
Get basic and advanced training in programming languages and software design. Tuition in the theory of Object Oriented Programming (OOP), design and analysis. Education in Unified Modelling Language (UML), software systems lifecycles and design.      
Lean to surf the Internet with different browsers and the tips of  good Internet surfing. Learn about the www and other facets of the Internet. Learn about Internet use and technology.

Networking Tutorials
Learn about the theory of networks and how to setup your own networks. Also learn about network technology. Hardware Brush up on your IT hardware skills with workshops and tutorials on installing and operating IT hardware.

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IT Support


- Management
- Security
- Support


- Backup monitoring
- Windows update
- Critical events
- Hardware failure etc..
- Disk space

Site Visits

- Disk clean up
- Full virus scans
- Support Issues
- Minor Issues
- Personal Settings

Free System Health Checks
Get yourself a business IT health check FREE OF CHARGE! Our local IT Experts will provide you with a report and help suggest improvements.

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