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IT Security

I.T. security can no longer be an afterthought and therefore a secure I.T perimeter is a high priority. Security intelligence preventing, detecting and addressing system breaches anywhere must start in the boardroom or the business management and become part of your organization’s IT fabric. It is now imperative to be woven into your everyday business operations.

2coves is the only vendor in the marketplace today that can address the entire spectrum of information technology security and risk. We can help organizations minimize the risk of hackers causing damage to networks by performing a range of intrusion tests using the same techniques known to be used by hackers. Our security experts will thoroughly assess your applications, from both a technical and non-technical perspective, to determine security weaknesses. We then produce a detailed report of findings and specific recommendations for remediating any vulnerability found.

Cyber security threats are prolific and more money is stolen via electronics means than any other conventional theft method. IT security plays a crucial role for any individual, business or organisation. With threats such as data theft, identity theft, financial theft, fraud, phishing, malware, code injection, code modification, cross site scripting, computer misuse, and many more. We provide IT security risk assessments, audits, evaluations, security implementations, security threat awareness and education for safe computing.

We have highly trained and experienced professionals in the field of IT security dedicated to providing top quality security solutions to ensure your IT systems run as smoothly as possible.


IT Security Audits, IT Security Risk Assessment and Evaluations
We can offer IT security audits, IT security risk assessments, and evaluations of your IT infrastructure. These provide a thorough assessment of current security measures and any weaknesses in the current system as a whole. All audits and evaluations are carried out to the appropriate current ISO/IEC standards.

IT Security Management
We can assist in your security management by providing IT security software or devices, IT security polices, knowledge of current security management frameworks, human resources management in a security context, organisational security, and risk management polices. We utilise the ISO/IEC series standards for information security management to create highly efficient, evolving, up-to-date, security management.

Software Application Security
Many applications have errors in the coding that could allow malicious parameters to be passed, buffer/stacks to be overflowed, files modified and even hijacked. We offer services & products for software application security, with options for software security testing. Web, Internet and Network Security Web applications.

Authentication \ Access control
Consultancy of password, graphic, signature, (smart) card and biometric authentication methods.

IT Security Education
Education of individuals or organisations as to the security threats and countermeasures available.

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Free System Health Checks
Get yourself a business IT health check FREE OF CHARGE! Our local IT Experts will provide you with a report and help suggest improvements.

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