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Industries Services Solutions

2Coves provides a wide range of industries services solutions. Services solutions include: application services, data analysis and analytics, data centre, digital business services, security, training, it support, lifecycle services and mobile.
We offer services to a wide range of industry sectors include:

Financial Services
Servers Storage and Networking
Enterprise solutions
Engineering services and solutions
and more...

Solutions Info

Data analysis and analytics can be provided for most industry sectors or subject area. Contact 2coves to find out more on the services we can provide.


Our staff are at the heart of the services we offer. Highly experienced and from a variety of engineering and design backgrounds, our areas of experience and expertise mean that we can provide fully co-ordinated and comprehensive levels of service, whatever the size or nature of the project. We can provide a 'cradle to grave' one stop service from initial surveys through to Handback.

Applications can be designed to your specifications and customized to tailor your needs. We manage the technical and design process to build applications for your requirements. Contact us to find out more information on the design and build services.


We are a provider of high quality, cost effective engineering solutions from qualified and experienced professionals. From straightforward to more complex solutions, carefully designed and implemented to the highest level of satisfaction for our clients.



Software Design & Development Services

We provide eCommerce software for startups, small, medium and large businesses that are mobile friendly, and feature rich. Included is back-office management solutions for teams of people to process customers orders.

We can utilise a range of programming languages such as C++, Java, Visual Basic, C#, and many more. Applications may be developed in Mac, Linux or Windows.

Create a database & database application to manage your business processess more effectively. Can contain people based records, objects or catalogues.

Management software that can be custom designed & built for your way of working with resource allocation, time, durations etc.

Take the hassle out of tedious calculations & work by having custom made software to perform your calculations and processes.

Model a range of data and mathematical processes or calculations for example data analysis, simulations, projections etc. Apps can be designed with manual data input or automated so that the software reads or scans thousands of lines from a digital file of your choice. Can be used for scientific, engineering, or business, and designed for use on desktops, web or mobile devices. Ideal if you want to automate processes and calculations. Contact 2coves to find out more.

Sound, graphics, video and communications software development. Programming for 3D and highly visual applications.

Intelligent Interactive Systems
Intelligent software systems that interact with end users with a high level of functionality and expert systems. Voice control and recognition functionality.

Artificial Intelligence and Agent Systems
Systems that can learn and make an intelligent decision. Agent based systems simulate the actions or interactions of autonomous systems and the effects of the system overall.

Mobile Applications
We can program mobile apps and mobile websites for smart phones and tablets etc.

For industries services solutions contact 2coves using the following.
- Telephone: 01726 69692
- Online Contact Form: Contact
- E-Mail:

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IT Support


- Management
- Security
- Remote working
- Support


- Backup monitoring
- Windows update
- Critical events
- Hardware failure etc..
- Disk space

Site Visits

- Disk clean up
- Full virus scans
- Support Issues
- Minor Issues
- Personal Settings

Free System Health Checks
Get yourself a business IT health check FREE OF CHARGE! Our local IT Experts will provide you with a report and help suggest improvements.

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